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The Hill Of Crosses

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  • Etichetta AUERBACH
  • Formato DOPPIO CD
  • Data uscita 16.01.2012
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Despite being one of Sol Invictus' more "recent" releases (released in 2000) "The Hill of Crosses" features several songs claiming firm places in many Sol Invictus live setlists until today, as for example "Black Dawn", "Eve" or "Gold Told Me To". The re-edition comes in limited portrait format digipak with enhanced artwork and is completed by Tony Wakeford's liner notes and a whole bonus CD of rare songs. Besides several songs from the sold out rarities collection "The Angel" this CD also features the tracks "Leaves of Life ('Stella Maris' LP Mix)" and "God told Me to ('The Hill of Crosses' LP New Mix)" previously only available on the "Redroom" compilation.
Lista brani:

1. Chime The Day
2. A German Requiem
3. Black Dawn
4. December Song
5. Eve
6. Chime The Night
7. God Told Me To
8. The Street Of Many Murders
9. Hundreds
10. The Hill Of Crosses

1. Chimes (Single Mix)
2. German Requiem (Acoustic Mix)
3. Street Of Many Murders (Demo)
4. Hills Of Crosses (Early Mix)
5. God Told Me To (Demo)
6. Chimes (Intro Mix)
7. The Widow (Live)
8. Leaves Of Life ('Stella Maris' LP Mix)
9. God Told Me To ('Hill Of Crosses' LP Mix)

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