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Artaud Seth - Ex head of DION FORTUNE RECORDS and founder of bands like THE MERRY THOUGHTS, DIARY OF DREAMS and GARDEN OF DELIGHT is back – triumphant!

For Artaud Seth, the final stop of legendary GARDEN OF DELIGHT didn't mean the end of his career. Three years after the last regular Garden Of Delight album Seth is back with a new album called "LIB.1" out on the Solar Lodge label. The album was released already on March 31st for the first time, but exclusively available from the label directly and through few, very selected Mailorders. This new, 2nd edition (in regular Jewel Box) comes with an exclusive, previously unavailable BONUS-TRACK to the original 1st (sold out) edition. ‘LIB.1’ is a revisiting of the sound of the eighties and early nineties. Pure, retro Goth!" as the band calls it. They didn`t have the intension to do something completely new. They didn´t reveal another future sound. You like the Sisters, you`ll love the Nuns. Simple, ironical, dark. Just tunes of a long forgotten time of very intense music! Enjoy the Nunhood.
Lista brani:
1. Equinox
2. Funeral Train
3. Someday
4. Tower Of Faith
5. Nunhood
6. Temple Of Hadit
7. The Darkness
8. God/Aeon
9. Liber Al Vel Legis (Bonus)

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