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Fleeting Awareness

Prezzo: € 10,90
  • Formato COMPACT DISC
  • Data uscita 22.12.2014
  • BarCode 8051773120633
Exciting. This is the most appropriate adjective to define the return of Garmo and Kaos K, both components of the italian project Lost Reality. The duo's music incorporates since 1996 electro- and Darkwave elements that immediately catch you by their elegance, by their harmonious appeal and by their depth, for sounds able to conquer even the most discerning listeners. The 10 tracks promise to amaze you more incisively than ever: Emotions, electronic melody and conspicuous doses of electricity are the prerogatives of a release of wonderful beauty and of strong personality that deserves to be announced with all the honors. "Fleeting Awareness" is the decisive confirmation of Lost Reality: be you too the protagonists of this extraordinary event!
Lista brani:
01 On the Moon 02 What remains 03 Don’t move 04 Unknown 05 If you want to change
06 7 p.m. 07 Lightless Box 08 Among the Stars 09 Perfect Passion 10 Fleeting Awareness
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