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Empath 2.0

Prezzo: € 14,90
  • Etichetta METROPOLIS
  • Formato COMPACT DISC
  • Data uscita 28.01.2013
  • BarCode 782388084420
Re-release of their second album (Out of Line 2003). Pounding beats and violent rhythm structures intertwine with the infectious synth melodies to create a sound that defied electronic music trends, by melding them all into one. It is truly a testament to the talent of the act that this remastered version of Empath sounds as vital and powerful as it did upon its original release. This new edition comes in a completely new Artwork and booklet!
Lista brani:
1. Catalyst
2. Telekinetic
3. As The Nigt Falls
4. Entranced
5. Reverse Inversion
6. Curse
7. Levitation
8. Dear Dead Flesh
9. Ever After
10. Lunacy
11. Evolve (d)
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