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Klaus Schulze is a visionary. A dreamer. And he is well known for making his dreams come true. For a long time now he has wanted to collaborate with extremely gifted vocalist Lisa Gerrard. Now he made his wish come true. The result is the new double album called Farscape. Never before have you experienced Schulze - whose oeuvre is full of emotionally gripping music - in a more emotional framework.
Schulze is an institution, a living legend - he was member of electronic pop icons such as Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel and since 1972 he has released a plethora of solo albums. He has provided remixes for a variety of interesting bands and he has collaborated with a variety of other thrilling and innovative artists. The Moog specialist and confessed Wagner fan has been a flickering will-o-the-wisp within the music scene for nearly four decades.
Gerrard, born in Melbourne, Australia was once a member of the unique duo Dead Can Dance and has since contributed to a host of movie scores such as Gladiator, Ali and Whale Rider. She owns one of the most remarkable and expressive voices of modern times.
"I have wanted to work with Lisa since the days of Dead Can Dance in the 80's, but I never had an opportunity for such a collaboration", Schulze says.
On 18th July 2008 Klaus Schulze played at the 'Night of the Prog III' Festival an extraordinary concert on the Open Air Stage 'Loreley' in St. Goarshausen, Germany. With the Australian singer Lisa Gerrard, Klaus had a very special guest with him.
Lisa refined the tracks 'Loreley' and 'Wellgunde' with her unique voice.
This concert was filmed to become Klaus Schulze first DVD release.
Last August Schulze and his sound engineer Tom Dams worked at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios to fix the 5.1 Mix. This post production process is part of the documentary of the bonus disc. Klaus also did an exclusive interview with Steve Wilson from Porcupine Tree, which will be part of the bonus material for the DVD.
Contains the entire concert at 'Loreley' (but without the 'Nibelungen' bonus-track (on CD only) on DVD1 (109 minutes) and a special documentary on DVD2 (118 minutes) plus a 6 pages booklet.
DVD technical details:
DVD 9 - Region code: 0 - NTSC - Language: English & German. Subtitle: English
Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital & 2.0 Stereo - Length: DVD 1 = approx. 109 Min. / DVD 2 = approx. 118 Min
1. Alberich
2. Loreley
3. Wotan
4. Wellgunde
5. Nothung

Documentary, The Real World of Klaus Schulze - approx. 65 mins. Interview 'A conversation with Steven Wilson and Klaus Schulze' - approx 55 mins.

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