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Destination Beyond

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  • Etichetta PROJEKT
  • Formato COMPACT DISC
  • Data uscita 29.10.2009
  • BarCode 617026023526
Blending the two core aspects of his work, Steve ramps up for the fall of 2009 with the stunningly expansive Destination Beyond. This all-new release combines immersive atmospheric harmonic zones into the setting of spiraling patterns and hypnotic rhythms. Perfectly blending these two sonic qualities over the course of the continuous 71-minute piece, the flowing soundscapes on Destination Beyond propel the mood to a mesmerizing state which is unique from any of Steve’s pure rhythmless immersive work while achieving a similar sensation that works perfectly in repeat playback mode. - Destination Beyond pushes electronic music to its highest level, living and breathing in the immediacy in which it was created. The album flows along an organic continuum. Clocked, synced and performed in unison within Steve’s desert studio, it showcases his mastery of a life-long devotion to hands-on performance.
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1. Destination Beyond

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