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Today We Are Demons

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  • Etichetta OUT OF LINE
  • Formato COMPACT DISC
  • Data uscita 19.11.2009
  • BarCode 4260158830270
This is Techno Body Music! There is probably no other act that has influenced this musical genres as much Andy LaPlegua with his project Combichrist. A wild mix of EBM and Techno with a solid dose of Industrial and Aggrotech on a foundation of pure Electro – angry aggro-anthems for a sick world!
Lista brani:
1. No Afterparty
2. All Pain Is Gone
3. Kickstart The Fight
4. I Want Your Blood
5. Can't Change The Beat
6. Sent To Destroy
7. Spit
8. New Form Of Silence
9. Scarred
10. The Kill V2
11. Get Out Of My Head
12. Today We Are All Demons
13. At The End Of It All

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