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  • Etichetta TRISOL MUSIC
  • Formato COMPACT DISC
  • Data uscita 26.11.2012
  • BarCode 4260063944598
‘Standard’ (but quite luxurious actually…) editon in six-panel digipak and 24 pages booklet. This EP consist of 6 new ASP pieces (almost 40 minutes) dealing with the impending end of the world. The furious title track would be just as suitable for a single as the driving wave rocker ‘Carpe noctem’, which could be classified as one of the most beautiful ASP songs of all time. In the eccentric and tragic piece ‘In Sack und Asche’, delicate, fragile piano melodies alternate with metal sounds. With ‘Weichen- [t]stellung’, the band finally once more deliver a genuine electro-rock-club firecracker which drives its way mercilessly into the legs and the heart. In ‘ÜberHärte’, the band successfully balance doom metal guitar riffs and tongue in cheek elements borrowed from Neue Deutsche Härte, a genre generally frowned upon by the band. And for the conclusion, the band leaves the listener perplexed and smitten with the epic ‘Danach’, which offers almost ambient-like expanses and delicate acoustic guitar arrange. ments. Afterwards there is a vacuum which can only be filled by immediately listening to the CD once again before fear of the void, the horror vacui, devours everything anew. These songs creep slowly but inexorably into your ears and heart. And if that wasn’t cruel enough, Asp Spreng’s lyrics are of a quality which is seldom found in popular music of any stripe.
Lista brani:
1. GeistErfahrer
2. In Sack und Asche
3. ÜberHärte
4. Carpe noctem
5. Weichen(t)stellung (GeistErfahrer Reprise)
6. Danach
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