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‘Regular’ edition digibook, 28 page booklet, semi-gloss art print with spot varnishing! ASP’s new album is a uniquely intensified blend of all essential elements which have made ASP what they are today: the most important German gothic rock project. Asp Spreng, singer, composer, lyricist and heart and mind behind the project takes the listener by the hand in the manner of a mysterious stranger and leads you into a dark kingdom without, however, allowing you to sink into hopelessness. As he searches for the shades of melancholy, Asp evokes a powerful spell which makes an enchanted as well as disturbing experience from the in part epically long pieces. The album wafts like a wisp of spectral fog from an English moor in Victorian times across the cold streets of today. ‘Fremd’ is a musical reinvention which nevertheless feels so familiar, as if this project had never sounded any different. It is a musical and lyrical coup which boasts an additional highlight owing to the spectacular cover artwork by Timo Würz. His artwork will enrich the first part of the ‘fremd’ cycle with a graphical style never before achieved. But as sombre, unsettling, teeth-baring, melancholy and plaintive as ‘fremd’ may be, the twinkle of an eye can likewise be sensed once again, a subtle humour nevertheless resonating between the lines like a strong, emotionally-charged intimacy when Asp bares his emotions for the listener. ASP never sounded more convincing, the lyrics never more expressive, the music never more substantial. A new era has begun – and never before has it been so worth the wait.
Lista brani:
1. A prayer for sanctuary
2. Wechselbalg
3. Eisige Wirklichkeit
4. The Mysterious Vanishing of the Foremar Family
5. Rücken an Rücken
6. Angstkathedrale (Canterbury version)
7. Schön, schön, schön
8. FremdkörPerson, erstens
9. Unverwandt
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