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Assemblage 23 and Tom Shear - there's no need to introduce the man behind this figurehead of electronic music. For almost ten years, he has provided the scene with a string of hits. Still, his new album demands a closer look. It is not just his sixth studio album - "Compass" is a lot more than that. This album is the uncompromising presentation of Tom Shear's biggest strength, the composition of dreamingly beautiful ballads, relentlessly catchy tunes and club hits that will draw all clubbers to the dance floor. He is a real master of his trade, and on this newest work, he has achieved the feat of sticking to the sound all Assemblage 23 fans love and hope for, while still creating a powerful and exiting new vibe. Listening to this album and discovering "Compass" in its whole glory is pure fun; it fascinates and electrifies. All this combined makes sure that "Compass" is not just a treat for Shear's big fan base but will also excite all those who have not yet discovered the fascination of Assemblage 23.
Lista brani:
1. Smoke
2. Collapse
3. Impermanence
4. How Can I Sleep?
5. Spark
6. Leave This All Behind
7. Alive
8. Greed
9. Angels & Demons
10. The Cruelest Year

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