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DIORAMA's upcoming release CUBED is their 7th studio album since they debuted in 1999 with their much vaunted longplayer PALE. After two years of composition and production, the band around mastermind Torben Wendt is presenting a diversified and complex album. Potential dance floor fillers like IGNITE and APOCALYPSE LATER in combination with soul-gripping ballads like MY COUNTERFEIT and LORD OF THE LIES result in a self contained work of art, that adds new factes to DIORAMA's unmistakable musical identity - between melancholy and irony, snappiness and bulkiness, genius and madness, ordinariness and utopia. The figurative picture of a cube is the guiding theme of the album - a confined area serving as living space be it as stage, as prison or as shelter. This concept is drawn consequently through the band's artwork, stage setting and web appearance. With CUBED, DIORAMA are sharpening their role as creative engine within the black scene and beyond its boundaries. Those who have encountered DIORAMA at one of their live performances know about the unique experience the band creates in terms of emotionality, power and virtuosity. A success factor leading to the fact that DIORAMA has been exporting their show concept to over 20 countries and has been a well-established constant at festivals like MERA LUNA, AMPHI etc.
Lista brani:
1. Child Of Entertainment
2. Acid Trip
3. Ignite
4. Gone Gone Gone
5. Cubed
6. Apocalypse Later
7. Record Deal
8. My Counterfeit
9. Refugee
10. Alpha Animal Complex
11. Golden Boy
12. Lord Of The Lies
13. Stereotype

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