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Announced for more than a year, postponed again and again – SOMAN is finally back with his all new album! Regarded as one of the true innovators when it comes to techno-industrial beats from Germany, with songs such as "Divine", "Pan-Tau", "Noise Anthem", "Pusher" or "Traitor" Kolja Trelle (aka SOMAN) launched massive club- hts all over the globe! His full length releases "Sound Pressure" and "Mask" are legendary and steady sellers in the scene! After some time silence SOMAN now returns with his third strike "NOISTYLE" and it´s MASSIVE! Songs such as "Noistyle", "Waste", "Side Chain" or "Skin Deep" are potential club smash soon to be heard on every dancefloor! SOMAN did gain melody but did not lost any of his agressive roughness! In time for the release of the new album Infacted Recordings will send SOMAN on a strong DJ tour across Germany and Europe! For the first time "NOISTYLE" also features a great cover version (NEW ORDER’s classic "BLUE MONDAY"!!!) and colla- borations with artists such as "Vigilante", "Lahannya" and "Sara Blackwood".
Lista brani:
1. Noistyle
2. Waste
3. Major Dysfundtion
4. Let Me Go
5. Side Chain
6. Under Siege
7. Fear Itself
8. Body Mod
9. Transmitter
10. Blackout
11. Groovy Bitch

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