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The Cosmic Trigger

Prezzo: € 17,90
  • Etichetta HAURUCK
  • Formato DOPPIO CD
  • Data uscita 23.09.2013
  • BarCode 4038846300448
Embossed digipak with Blue Foil blocked lettering + Sticker ‘Double CD contains remix CD….’
Formerly inventor of "military pop" Der Blutharsch in their history evolved towards a sort of really kinky dark rock band. Gone are the times of provoking images (except for the ‘objects’ on the cover of the new album perhaps…) - on their journey towards new territories DB reincarnated and now invite you to celebrate life and love together.
If you are ready to praise the Gods of the cosmic universe - then you will enjoy the ride.
For this album Der Blutharsch were:
Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal), Jörg B., Niko Potocnjak, Marthynna and Albin Sunlight Julius
supported by:
Didi Kern (Bulbul, Fu*khead), Geoffroy D (Dernière Volonté), Jerry White (Seven That Spells),
Mazo Tomez (The Attention), Lloyd James (Naevus), Matt Howden (Sieben) , Edward Ka-Spel
(Legendary Pink Dots), Dennis Lamb, Patrice L'Amour and Sabaan.
Lista brani:
01 The Cosmic Trigger 02 Sacred Mountain 03 Cosmic Trigger mk2 04 Zero 05 A terrible Place
06 Hold on! 07 Desire 08 Walking in straight Lines 09 Hopeless 10 Follow us instead
11 Flying through the Exit
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