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FRONT 242 - moments... (digiCD) / 2CD carton box / kommando T-Shirt
FRONT 242 – Moments… digiCD
out 5-9
(AM1120/EAN 882951012024)
Digipak 1CD edition with 18 tracks including 4 alternative versions not available on the 2CD box
The use of computers has drastically transformed music production in the past 20 years; creation in this way is now totally integrated thanks to user friendly technology. Front242 comes from a different time, when working with electronic music was difficult, the machines were hostile and humans needed to interact strongly with synthesizers to master their art - Music required discipline. After years of digital “uber alles”, analogue synthesis and technology has made a comeback. Aware of a time where research and sound design was important, new brands have appeared and some older synthesizer brands refined the analogue technology on contemporary synthesizers, with modern components and a sophisticated sound. Front242 decided to re-load
their old analogue sequences into this new generation of synthesizers and carefully re-designed all the sounds to match the spirit of their time. The result was proposed on a worldwide “Vintage Tour” that is still running today.
To satisfy their fans, but also the curiosity of numbers of listeners interested in the early electronic music atmosphere ; we invite you to discover this exceptional “Live” recording encompassing the very best of Front242’s compositions. Enjoy “Moments...” - a Snapshot of 242’s live sound.
01 Happiness 02 Body to Body 03 Religion 04 Welcome to Paradise 05 Commando Remix 06 Lovely Day 07 Until Death 08 Moldavia 09 Funkhadafi 10 7Rain 11 Loud* 12 Together 13 U-Men 14 Take One* 15 Im Rhythmus Bleiben 16 HeadHunter 17 Kampfbereit* 18 Punish Your Machine*
*these 4 tracks are alternative versions not featured on „Moments…“ limited 2CD box
FRONT 242 - Moments… [limited] 2CD-BOX
out 5-9 E 18.40
(AM2120/EAN 882951712023)
Deluxe carton box, sized 23 x 23 cms. Limited edition with:
32 tracks - 2 picture Compact discs - 1 poster - 2 stickers - 1 button
- 1 Bonus Sampler Sounds From The Matrix 007 with 18 Songs.
Tracks CD1:
01 Happiness 02 Body to Body 03 U-Men 04 Lovely Day 05 Religion 06 Welcome to Paradise 07 Commando Remix 08 Funkhadafi 09 7Rain 10 Until Death 11 Moldavia 12 Together 13 Im Rhythmus Bleiben 14 HeadHunter 15 Operating Tracks 16 Punish Your Machine
CD2 (only available in the box-set):
01 First in First Out 02 No Shuffle 03 Don’t Crash 04 Welcome to Paradise 05 Commando Remix 06 Quite Unusual 07 Master Hit 08 Crapage 09 Melt 10 Gripped by Fear 11 Loud 12 Moldavia 13 Take One 14 HeadHunter 15 Kampfbereit 16 Punish Your Machine 
CD3 (Sounds From The Matrix 007 – only available in the box-set): 
01 DISKONNEKTED-pray vote donate buy 02 KOMOR KOMMANDO-love your neighbour 03 ESSENCE OF MIND-crime of life (club mix) 04 AYRIA-bad list 05 NEBULA-H-head off 06 DIFFUZION-no fear 07 32CRASH-slow crash 08 HELALYN FLOWERS-I'm human, defective 09 PSY'AVIAH-tired 10 TRISOMIE 21-hear me now 11 AGONISED BY LOVE-southern sun (single edit) 12 STRAY-kindred soul 13 SEIZE-teacher 14 LEAETHER STRIP-when blood runs dark (ice age version) 15 UNTER NULL-moving on (ESSENCE OF MIND mix) 16 KRYSTAL SYSTEM-I love my chains 17 GLIS-crush (epic edit) 18 IMPLANT feat ANGELSPIT-violence
FRONT 242 – Kommando TS
out 5-9 E 14.70
(AM2120T/EAN 8016670443940)
Tee Shirt - Black Top Quality Shirt with white print on Back and Front! 
The Shirt is available on PREORDER only. Please place your pre-orders latest August 19!
Available Sizes: M, L, XL
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- Front 242 has sold to date almost four million albums worldwide.
- Front 242 has been headlining all major festivals across the world over the last few years and has a strong live reputation. They are again headlining Mera-Luna this Summer 2008 amongst others.
- First official release of FRONT 242 from their vintage tour that was launched during their sold out 2-day anniversary event in Brussels – Ancienne Belgique
- features most hits from FRONT 242’sprolific career
- The album is available as a pure vintage collector limited double-disc edition with in total some 32 tracks. 2 picture discs inside a 23 cm square deluxe carton box with 1 poster, 2 stickers and 1 button.
- The limited edition also includes the FREE 18-track label CD compilation “sounds from the matrix 007”
- release of the FREE digital 2-track “First Moments” in anticipation of this release for which FRONT 242 had over 25,000 downloads in less than 2 weeks.
- special new merchandising items designed for the occasion
Other forthcoming releases on the ALFA MATRIX label include:
PSY'AVIAH - Entertainment industries CD
AYRIA - Hearts for bullets CD / 2CD BOX / FAN BOX with T-SHIRT
IMPLANT - Implantology CD
And many more...

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